Organize your photos and videos: automatically upload to Dropbox - delete all none-favorites by just one tap

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You have many photos stored on your device and regularly upload them to Dropbox where you manually organize them into folders?
You have multiple devices from which photos should be uploaded to Dropbox and you want a name prefix added to the uploaded files to be able to distinguish the different sources?
You have just too much photos on your device and only some of them are good enough for keeping them on the device?

ASPhotobox has the features Automatic Uplaod and Cleanup that help you to manage your images and videos on your device.

    • Automatic Upload

      ASPhotobox regularly (initiated by iOS Background Fetch) looks for photos or videos that are not already uploaded. If there are new items found, upload requests to Dropbox will be initiated.

    • Choose what to Upload

      You separately enable upload of photos, screenshots and videos. Additionally you can restrict to upload only those items that are marked as favorite.

    • Name Pattern

      The filenames for the files to be uploaded to Dropbox are calculated by name patterns and the metadata of each photo or video. Use placeholder for date and time of the creation of the item. width and height of the asset can be used in the name pattern too, as well as HDR.

    • Add IPTC StarRating

      Adds IPTC StarRating to every uploaded image that is marked as favorite on your device. Other applications like Adobe Lightroom show this star rating when importing those photos.

    • Cleanup

      Delete all not favorited (not marked with the heart) photos and videos by one tap.

    • Decide what to delete

      Separately enable photos and videos for the cleanup action.

    • Limit to uploaded

      Additionally limit the selection for the cleanup action to those photos and videos that have been already uploaded to Dropbox by ASPhotobox.



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For support with ASPhotobox send an email to You can send an error report with log-files attached to directly from within the Debug section inside the Settings page of the app.


ASPhotobox does not collect data or even personal data about the user or usage of this app. Except the assets uploaded to Dropbox and the error report email, no other data is is sent to any other servers.

Before sending the error report to the attached data can be reviewed and it is also possible to send this to the users email address first to review the content of the attached log files before sending them to

ASPhotobox stores a Dropbox access token in the keychain of the device. The data in the keychain item cannot be accessed after a restart until the device has been unlocked once by the user. After the first unlock, the data remains accessible until the next restart.

To use the upload feature of the app the user must give access to Dropbox and to the photo library of the device. ASPhotobox does not analyze any data of the assets and it also does not retrieve any files Dropbox. There is one place in the app where it reads folder names from Dropbox: browsing to the Dropbox folders to select the desired upload base folder.

As usual for iOS apps, the app settings are stored in the users defaults system. The defaults system allows an application to customize its behavior to match a user’s preferences.

ASPhotobox creates log files that are stored in the documents folder of the app. The log files leave the device only if the user sends the error report with them attached. If debug logging is not enabled only errors or warnings are logged.

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Anton Schegg
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Phone: +49 8233 2144944

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